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Your use of this Website is subject to the following terms and conditions.


Your use of this Website is subject to the following terms and conditions.

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Nothing contained in this Website may constitute advertising. We do not advertise our firm, its name and services. The information regarding the services and profiles of the attorneys in this Website is provided for information purposes.


The name of “Tunç Fırat Dereli” is not registered the name of the attorney partnership. The registered name of the attorney partnership is Tunç Fırat Avukatlık Bürosu Ortaklığı. Tunç Fırat Avukatlık Bürosu Ortaklığı is an attorney partnership established in accordance with the Article 44 of Attorney Law No. 1136. (“Firm”).  

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Any information provided in this Website are provided for the information purposes only and may be outdated. Please get in touch with your point of contact at the Firm to verify the information. We do not intend to provide legal advice through this Website and, as a legal requirement, we cannot provide legal advice free of charge. Nothing in this Website may be construed as legal advice.

No Attorney Client Relationship

If you are a client of the Firm, nothing in this Website supersedes the engagement agreement with you. No attorney-client relationship is formed by use of this Website.

No Warranty

Nothing in this Website may be construed as a warranty to any of the services provided by the Firm’s attorneys.

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Third Party Intervention

We are doing our best to ensure the security of this Website. Nevertheless, as with all secured websites, there is a risk that the control of this Website may be lost temporarily or permanently. We do not accept any responsibility for this Website during the times that the Website is not under the Firm’s control.

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If you have any questions about this policy or our use of cookies, please contact us.

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